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Isaiah Lane also known as a Zay Swagg is a young dynamic artist coming out of Chicago, Illinois. Zay Swagg is a triple threat; acting, rapping and producing most of his music. He started writing rhymes at the very early age of 9 years old. His older brother is who inspired him to get started in music “At the age of 13 my big brother was making music and seeing him do it having fun doing it I wanted to do it too, so one day he let me play around on his mic and I liked it.  I started taking advantage of it I was in the studio every weekend making music bettering myself”. The matriarchs of his family– namely his aunt who passed from cancer in 2005 and grandmother– encouraged him to follow his dreams and enhance his talent. With the support of his family he felt he could make it all the way to the top and one day have national success.

In 2010 Zay released his first single “Going In” and it was featured on WGCI Music Mondays and Jango Radio! This solidified the thought that he was made to do music and motivated him to make his music known. Zay followed up his single with local performances and talent shows. While Zay did not receive the best feedback or encouragement from his shows, he was not deterred from pursuing music and it moved him to push himself further. In 2011 Zay began to work with renowned Chicago producer Lyrical Prophet. Together they worked on the next Zay Swagg hit single “I Just Wanna Be Friends”. Zay describes his musical style as storytelling mixed with soul and auto tune.  And is currently working on a soon to be hit “Around the World.”

Inspired by the recent birth of his son, Isaiah has been making major moves in 2016, including signing with Daniels Entertainment Group as well as working with new management. Recently Zay decided to hone in on his other talents and pursue his acting Career more avidly.  You can expect to see Isaiah Lane on a screen near you in the very near future. Since he started acting Isaiah Lane has appeared in the huge blockbuster film Transformers 5. He is currently auditioning and working towards his next role.